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Our Governing Body


Governors play a crucial role in the leadership of our Diocesan schools. They share in the strategic responsibility of promoting high educational standards and in ensuring that the school is conducted, as a Catholic school, in accordance with the Diocese of Hexham and Newcastle ‘Memorandum of Understanding’, the school’s Instrument of Government and other legislation. In addition to all the other legal responsibilities of the governing body, the law recognises that foundation governors are appointed specifically to ensure:

  • That the Catholic character of the school is preserved;
  • That the school is conducted in accordance with its trust deed; and
  • That the religious education curriculum is in accordance with the bishop’s policy for his diocese, based on the Bishops’ Conference Curriculum Directory.

Foundation governors are, therefore, appointed by the bishop, or religious order, to represent their interests and those of the Catholic community as a whole. Foundation governors play a leading role in the Catholic community: they collaborate with the bishop in his ministry in education. It is, therefore, important for them to:

  • Know and implement the bishop’s policies on education, including religious education;
  • Represent those policies to the governing body;
  • Understand and promote the distinctive nature of Catholic education;
  • Act for the good of Catholic education as a whole within the diocese, considering not only the interests of the individual school or college, but the interests of other schools and colleges;
  • Respond to the needs of the Catholic community as a whole, as represented by the bishop;
  • Secure the long-term future of Catholic education;
  • Always act in accordance with the mind of the bishop.

Parent Governor

We have recently appointed Emily Robson as Parent Governor. Emily will represent the school community of parents and carers on our Local Governing Committee.

Governing Body Committee Structure

For further information on who our governors are and what they do, please click on each name below:

NameRepresentingTerm of Office - Start DateTerm
Office - End Date
CommitteeLink Governor ResponsibilityRegister of InterestRelationship to Staff
Head Teacher - Mrs Angela GarrityStaff--Admissions
Pupil Discipline
Head Teacher
Mr David QuinnChair of Governors

Was Vice Chair prior to Nov 2023

Foundation Governor Appointed by the Diocese

Was Parent Governor prior to Feb 2018

HT Performance Management
First Committee
Resources (as Foundation from Feb 18)
Pupil Discipline
SEND & Inclusion
Disadvantaged Pupils/Pupil Premium
Remote Learning
COVID Catch-up
Employed by BT who
provide physical
connectivity for
telecoms & internet
Mr Paul Dodds - Chair
Chair of Governors
First Committee
Pupil Discipline
Dr Catherine DawsonFoundation01.12.2020 30.11.2024ResourcesMusic
Mrs Catherine LynnFoundation01.12.2020 30.11.2024English
Mr Simon RochesterFoundation03.12.202002.12.2024PE
Equality & Diversity
Emily McMahonParent
Mr Simon WilkinsonFoundation01.12.202030.11.2024History

The missing data from this table will be available soon.
Local Governing Committee Sub Committee – Terms of Reference
The Bishop Wilkinson Catholic Education Trust scheme of delegation notes that there is no requirement to establish general finance, standards and staffing subcommittees of the Local Governing Committee (LGC). Whilst some LGC’s conduct the majority of their business through LGC termly meetings some have found it beneficial to establish subcommittees to enable Governors to focus in greater detail on specific aspects.
LGC’s must establish subcommittees to ensure they can fulfil their delegated functions of:

  • Dealing with complaints at school level.
  • Consideration of pupil exclusion.
  • Headteacher performance management.
  • Teachers pay review.
  • Consideration of admissions.

Role of Committee Chair

  • To ensure the business of the committee is conducted properly in accordance with the BWCET scheme of delegation.
  • To ensure meetings are effectively focusing on priorities and making best use of time available.
  • To ensure that all members have an equal opportunity to participate in discussion and decision making.

Role of Committee Clerk

  • To work effectively with Committee Chair, the Governors and the Headteacher to support the committee.
  • To advise the Committee on constitutional and procedural matters, duties and powers.
  • To convene meetings as required.
  • To attend meetings and ensure minutes are taken.
  • To maintain a register of attendees, report vacancies and advise of quorum.

Delegation to committees is in line with the BWCET Trust Scheme of Delegation. Committees must be reviewed on an annual basis, usually in the summer term in preparation for the autumn.

Statutory Guidance for Governing Bodies

St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School adheres to the statutory guidance from the Department for Education. This means that governing bodies must have regard to it when carrying out duties relating to the constitution of governing bodies in school. For further information about our governors please view the documents below.

Governor Attendance

✓   – Attended meeting
A/A   – Apologies sent and accepted by meeting
N   – Did not attend
X  – Not a member of the committee

Record of Attendance 2022-2023

Mr P Dodds - Chair
Mrs Siobhan Weightman
Mr David Quinn
Mrs A Garrity
Mrs C Wilkinson
Dr C Dawson
Mrs C Lynn
Mr S Rochester
Miss J Cook
Mrs C Redpath
Mr S Wilkinson
Mrs C Maxwell
Mrs R Elliott

Record of Attendance 2021-2022

Mr P Dodds - Chair
Mrs Siobhan Weightman
Mr David QuinnA/A
Mrs A Garrity
Mrs C Wilkinson
Dr C Dawson
Mrs C Lynn
Mr S Rochester
Mrs L Pinkerton
Mrs C Redpath
Mr S Wilkinson
Mrs C Maxwell A/A
Mrs R Elliott

Schools are now required to display a record of Governor attendance at meetings for each school academic year. You can also view previous years attendance on our website.

How To Become A School Governor

If you require further information on the roles and responsibilities of School Governors or you are interested in becoming one, please contact the school office.


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