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Archive Reception 2019-20

Home Learning

Look at how busy we were at home during COVID-19 lockdown… Sorry some slides don’t show the full text they should read:- 1)Elliot has been using his maths skills to trap characters from the story, Supertato in jelly. With the help of an adult Elliot followed the instructions and measured out the correct amounts. Well done! 3)Emily and Hannah have been very busy with their home learning. They wrote a retell of the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears and role played the story. They have been doing Joe Wicks PE every day, baking, playing board games, making crafts and building dens. 4)Jessica wrote an excellent letter to the wolf from the story Little Red Riding Hood with fingers spaces and full stops. 5)Leo has been enjoying the lovely weather by riding his bike and building dens outdoors as well as making Get Well Soon cards for Grandma and family friends. 8&9)James has written an excellent retell of the story of Goldilocks and the three bears with finger spaces and fantastic spelling! 10)Jessica and her brother have been enjoying the White Rose Maths home activities. Here they had a ‘veggie race’ to see which veggies roll the best. Well done and excellent team work!

Spring Term

Music Day

We had a lovely day with Katy Cronin from Poco Music. We started our musical journey by jumping on our rocket and listening carefully to Gustav Holst’s Mars. We talked about what it made us think of before moving around the room to the music. We played musical statues and froze as different aliens! We sang Twinkle Twinkle Little Star before looking at the different coloured notes on the glockenspiels. In pairs we then followed the coloured notes and played the tune.

People Who Help Us – Police

As part of our topic, ‘People Who Help Us’, we had a visit from a Police Officer, PC Faulkner. We asked lots of questions and learned all about what police officers do in our community to keep us safe.

Chinese New Year

We learnt all about Chinese New Year and Chinese food through our Chinese Restaurant role play area.

Autumn Term

Staying Healthy

The School Nurse visited us to talk about hygiene and how to stay healthy. She brought some ‘special dust’ with her which shows up germs on our hands, we observed the germs and then we practised washing our hands using the song “Wash, wash, wash your hands, wash them nice and clean, wash the bottoms and the tops, fingers in between. Don’t forget your thumbs!” When we looked at our hands again all the germs had gone!

Our First Few Weeks



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