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Archive Year 3 2018-19

Oriental Museum

Investigating Ancient Egypt.

Street Games

Maths Investigation Morning

Smartie party – we sorted, estimated, created tally charts, pictograms and graphs.

Science – Forces

Learning about push and pull forces and creating ‘freeze frames’ to demonstrate forces.


We had a fantastic end to our cricket training when we were visited by our coaches, Josie and Will from Durham Cricket Club, and a surprise appearance from Durham’s Cameron Bancroft.


 Easter Praise!


Year 3 have been learning about wildlife with Sammy from MammalWeb.


World Book Day

We  wrote poems in the style of ‘Mr Magnolia’ and studied a biography of writer and illustrator Quentin Blake.  We also created our own wonderful illustrations in the style of the artist.

PE Gymnastics

Year 3 have been creating a gymnastics sequences including balances, jumps, rolls and movements.

Captain Chemistry

Year 3 carried out fossil investigations with the fantastic Captain Chemistry.

Very Dramatic!

Year 3 have been acting out roles of the characters in ‘The Stone Age Boy’.  We then developed the scene into a comic strip.  

Autumn Term

Party time!


WWI Workshops

Rugby Skills

In PE we have been learning Rugby skills.


In Geography Year 3 have been learning about towns and cities in the UK.


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