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Archived Year 1 2018-19

Summer Term

Maths Investigation Morning

We had a shop, we made 3D shapes from playdoh and tackled an estimation challenge.

Spring Term

World Book Day


With Dan from Destination Judo. We loved learning lets of new moves!

Captain Chemistry

Captain Chemistry came in to help us with our ‘Materials’ topic this term.  First, we looked at the structure of different bridges and the materials used to build the bridges. Then, he set us the task of creating our very own bridge using nothing more than paper straws and sticky tape.  

Autumn Term

Anti-Bullying Week

In Year 1 for anti-bullying week we have been discussing the people in our community who we show respect to, the police, our teachers, the doctors and nurses who help us when we are ill, amongst many others.


Year 1 have been ordering and matching numbers 1 to 30.


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