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Archived Year 2 20-21

Summer Term

Visit to Rainton Meadows

Year 2 enjoyed their trip to Rainton Meadows.  We participated in a range of activities, including pond-dipping, bird watching and mini beast hunting.  We even had time to enjoy sunshine and play in the play park.  Thank you to everyone involved for a wonderful day.


Fun Run

Spring Term

National Day of Reflection

World Book Day

Year 2 enjoyed dressing up as favourite book characters and we also made our own Potato Book Characters this year.  We hope you like them.  Can you guess who they all are?  We also enjoyed listening to a range of different stories including Sugarlump and The Unicorn and Supertato.

Fun in the Snow

Autumn Term

Festive Fun Run


The children have been learning about the importance of signs and symbols in our RE topic.  We have looked at the significance of the “poppy” as a symbol of remembrance at this time of year and why it is important to remember service men and women who have died in all conflicts.   The children have listened to stories and poems and have watched short clips about Remembrance.  They have all designed and made their own poppies to wear and to display in our local church.


Year 2 looking particularly ghoulish today!  Happy Halloween everyone!


Year 2 had great fun challenging themselves in our recent Pentathlon Challenge.  They took part in a range of activities including the standing long jump, shuttle runs and throwing activities.  Children were awarded certificates for the highest points and wristbands for showing determination and resilience, however, all children were enthusiastic, hardworking participants.

Art work in the Style of Paul Klee

Year 2 studied the painting “The Cat and The Bird” by artist Paul Klee and applied the drawing and shading skills we have practised this term to recreate his unique style.  Paul Klee was a Swiss German artist who was inspired by his dreams, music and places to create paintings using interesting shapes, lines and colour.  His paintings also portray a sense of fun.  We discussed what this painting is all about and we all agreed with Lucy’s idea that “the cat is thinking about the fish he wants to eat.”  We are very proud of our creations and we hope you like them as much as we do!


Year 2 have enjoyed using Google Earth and the Atlases to locate continents, countries and oceans. [youtube]


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