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Archived Year 2 2018-19

Summer Term

Well-Being Week

As part of our activities in Well-Being Week we read the story of “Smell Monster,” then discussed the consequences of not staying clean.  We also tried some “Mindfulness” activities to stay calm and relaxed.

Street Games – Well Being Week

Andy (from The Sports Partnership) taught us a range of Street Games including “Infinity” and “Cannon.”   We all agreed – exercise definitely makes you feel better!

Science – Food Chains

Year 2 explored our school grounds looking for living things, things that had never been alive and things that had once been alive.  They then classified the objects they found according to the criteria and we presented our results on a bar chart.

Year 2 Trip to Rainton Meadows

Year 2 visited Rainton Meadows as part of our Habitats and Living Things topic.

Maths Investigation Morning

Our activities included making 3D shapes and describing their properties using the correct mathematical vocabulary – vertices, faces and edges, adding two, two digit numbers in the shop and giving change from 50p or £1, and making the largest and smallest 3 digit numbers using number cards


Year 2 are working with Josie and Will from Durham Cricket Club in their PE lessons learning and developing their throwing and catching skills.

Spring Term

World Book Day

In Year 2 we celebrated World Book Day by reading a range of nonsense poetry and in particular the poems written by Spike Milligan.


Food Fractions

Year 2 have been exploring fractions. The children have been busy halving and quartering a collection of foods in maths.  

PE Gymnastics

Year 2 have been creating a gymnastics sequence in PE.  These sequences include balances, jumps, rolls and movements.  We have also incorporated apparatus into our sequences.   [youtube] [youtube] [youtube] [youtube]

Science with Captain Chemistry

Captain Chemistry introduced our topic on Materials and their different uses. We talked about which materials would be the most suitable for making a boat and we made our own using tinfoil.  We had the opportunity to test our boats in water, we then loaded our boats with blocks to find out which one was the strongest. He also gave us a fire demonstration to link in with our topic on “The Great Fire of London.”

Autumn Term


Algorithms – Lego Fix the Factory, A.L.E.X and Kodable

Year 2 loved using the Ipads in computing to input algorithms. This has followed on from our work on using instructions, and direction – making right or left turns.  They used the programmes ‘Lego fix the Factory’ ‘A.L.E.X’ and ‘Kodable.’ The children had to think very carefully about the number of spaces to move and the direction of turn, to make the robot move or pick up a target.


Mr Donkin brought in “Luna” the family pet as part of our Animals’ topic.  He told us what Luna needs to stay healthy, for example, the food she eats, her home and “the lamp” which keeps her warm as she is cold-blooded.

Following Instructions – How To Make A Poppy

In English, Year 2, have been learning how to write instructions to make a poppy. We then added all the poppies to a Remembrance Wreath and placed it on Chester-le-Street war memorial.

Y2 Internet Safety

In Computing the children have thought carefully about staying safe on the Internet. The children know that the Internet can be used for many things; searching for information, reading stories, listening to music, watching films, searching for images, playing games, shopping, talking to friends. We talked together about what we thought was important to do to stay safe on the Internet. The children then all signed an agreement to show that they will always try to use the Internet safely.

Remembrance Day Assembly

“Lest We Forget” On 9th November Year 2 pupils led family and friends in a one minute silence to honour the brave men and women who sacrificed their lives for the peace and freedom we enjoy today.

World War I Workshop

Year 2 worked with Miss Layland from “Durham Archives” to find out about more about our local history.

Outdoor Maths – Properties of Shapes

We went outdoors to see how many symmetrical objects we could find.  We also hunted for shapes that have right angles.  We made right angle testers and used them to test some corners that might have right angles.

What a Wonderful World!

Year 2 have been reading psalms, psalms are prayers or songs which praise God for his wonderful creation.  We went outside to appreciate the many gifts God has given us and we drew things that we particularly love in our amazing world.


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