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Archived Year 4 2018-19

Inter School Sports Competition

Athletics events against pupils from St. Bede’s, St. Benet’s and Edmondsley Primary School.


The ‘Eggnaut Challenge’ – design a capsule which would allow an egg to land safely on planet Earth.

NSPCC Fundraiser

‘Fitness Dice’ activity – perform an exercise for each number on the dice.

Street Games

Games for children to play safely in their own streets and local area, rather than choosing to stay indoors.

Maths Investigation Morning

‘Magic Square’ challenges and  ‘Spin to Win’ challenge.

Romans – Mosaics, Aqueducts, Segedunum Visit

Super Readers

The children who succeed in the challenge are rewarded with an extra playtime.

 Easter Praise!

Eggcellent Eggs!

Mammal Web Study

Sammy, a PhD student from Durham University, spoke to the pupils about the ‘MammalWeb’ study she is a part of.  The pupils had to identify different mammals and talked about the different habitats and diets that they have.   They then were able to look at the ‘Mammal Cam’  to see what mammals they could identify around school.


A Benchball tournament, followed by athletics and the ‘Eliminator’ competition!

Super Sounds! and Musical Maestros!

Learning about how sounds are made and how they travel, using musical instruments and tuning forks to see the vibrations creating the sounds in action. Pupils were then given the challenge to produce their own musical instruments

Destination Judo

Judo Dan was in school again The children had the chance to try out some moves used in Judo.  A special well done to Bobby in Year 4, who was presented with his red belt during the session. A great achievement!

Roman Dance

The children are studying different types of dance. They are linking the dance moves that they learn to their ‘Romans in Britain’ topic.

Poetry Competition

Year 4 were given the challenge to learn the spooky poem ‘Someone’ by Walter de la Mare which they read to the rest of the class, adding in actions and expression to add to the creepy atmosphere of the poem.

World Book Day

Wonderful Water

In Year 4, we have been learning how water changes between a solid, liquid and a gas. We boiled a kettle and held a mirror above the spout so we could see evaporation and condensation in action. We then created our own experiment to see evaporation and condensation in action.

Rolling around

Learning about the different rolls in gymnastics.

Captain Chemistry

‘States of Matter’ – crushing red cabbage before adding it to acidic and alkaline solutions to demonstrate reversible changes then Vitamin C tablets, old film holders and lots of explosions to demonstrate irreversible changes. [youtube]

Gymnastics Festival


Different types of jumps used in gymnastics and learning about landing safely.

Party time!

The Great Year 4 Bake Off!


The ‘Hour of Code’ challenge, part of a worldwide event to help people understand Coding.  Their challenge was to design their own ‘Flappy Birds’ game, following only the instructions on the computer.


‘Choose Respect’ – we discussed how we can show respect for others and worked as a class to write a set of ‘Golden Rules of Respect’.

R – respect the rights of others

E – everyone has a voice, listen to them

S – stand up for people

P – play with everyone

E – everyone is equal

C – care for people’s belongings

T – treat others as you would like to be treated


Addition and Subtraction Strategies

Tennis Champions

Coaching from Darren Curry, one of our School Sports Partnership coaches.  


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