Safer Internet Day

For Safer Internet Day, we created a video about our Online Identity, how we use the internet and what to do if anything worries us. We watched three short films about various, relevant online issues and discussed what we would do in these situations. We also learned how we should be #freetobe whilst being sensible and respectful. We also looked at our digital media choices and thought carefully about how we could improve these. [youtube]  


In Art, we learnt how to create collages, with a particular focus on texture.  We used our knowledge of rivers from our Geography lessons to help us create a river collage using a range of materials.

Ancient Mayans

We used primary sources to make supported inferences about key aspects of Mayan life and information texts to build up fact profiles. Working in research teams, pupils were able to collate their information to produce Mayan fact files.

Our iMovie presentations about Chichen Itza.