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Archived Year 6 20-21

Summer Term 2020-2021

End of Key Stage 2 Awards
At the end of each year, staff have the difficult job of selecting three children to be awarded with our End of Key Stage 2 Awards.  Year 6 have been brilliant this year.  They have all been so resilient and have worked hard to be good role models for the rest of our school.  It was such a difficult decision to make!  However, there could only be three winners – or four this year, as we couldn’t decide for one award!  The winners are as follows:

The Ella Duffy Trophy:  Stephanie

The Gavin McMahon Determination Award:  Orla

Fiona Ballentine Award for Courage and Bravery in Outdoor Pursuits:  Katie and Isaac

Well done to the four winners, and to all of Year 6, for your hard work, resilience and determination this year.

Year 6 Leavers’ Assembly
Year 6 held a lovely, peaceful liturgy this morning.  The theme of their liturgy was ‘Aspire not to have more, but to be more.’  These words were spoken by St. Oscar Romero.  They spent time looking back on their life at St. Cuthbert’s (with the help of a few funny photos!) and then they thought carefully about how they can use what they have learnt to go out into the world and make a difference.  At the end of the assembly, each child received a Romero cross and a certificate to reflect upon the more light-hearted moments they have had here in school.  Please take a look at the photos to see what a lovely liturgy it was.

Shakespeare Rocks!

On Wednesday (7/7), Year 6 performed their end of term production ‘Shakespeare Rocks!’  They have worked extremely hard throughout this term to learn all of their lines and songs and their hard work has certainly paid off!  Although parents couldn’t attend due to covid restrictions, they put on a brilliant performance for Year 5.  Parents will be receiving an email soon with a link to the film version of the performance.  Until then, here is a sneak peak of the costumes and some clips from the show!

Holy Island

On Monday (28/6), Year 6 visited Holy Island.  They visited the priory to find out about St Aidan before making their way down to St Cuthbert’s Island.  There, they spotted seals, ducks and searched for ‘Cuddy Beads’.  After a delicious picnic and an ice-cream, they walked through the village, past the harbour and down to the castle.  After a game of hide and seek in the Lime Kilns, they worked in groups to produce land art to celebrate their time at St Cuthbert’s Primary School.   The exemplary behaviour of all pupils alongside the brilliant sunshine made for a perfect day.  What a lovely final trip to celebrate their time here at St Cuthbert’s.

Inclusive Sports

Year 6 had the opportunity on Friday morning (18th June) to experience what sport is like for people who are visually impaired.  They participated in a game of ‘Goalball’.  In the first round, pupils were able to see the ball, but in the second round they had to wear blindfolds to experience the game as a person with a visual impairment would.  All pupils agreed that it was much harder to play with the blindfold on.  Hopefully, pupils will now have a greater understanding of this Paralympic sport and the skill involved in playing it.

Alex Dewar

On Friday, 11/6, Year 6 started their ‘Walk n Talk’ programme with Darren from our School Sports Partnership.  The programme started in style with a visit from Invictus Game athlete Alex Dewar.  Alex shared his inspirational story with the class and helped everyone to see that even when we face setbacks in life, we can still go on to achieve great things.

Life Skills – Northumbria University

In Year 6, pupils begin to think about what they would like to do when they finally finish their school education.  They discuss job and career opportunities and think about what they would like to be when they grow up.  On Friday, 11/6, a student from Northumbria University visited the class.  He gave them a little taster of some English and Maths activities before chatting to them about university life.  Hopefully the children have been inspired to start thinking about their future careers!

Fun Run

Spring Term

World Book Day

Autumn Term

Music of World War One

In History lessons, Year 6 have been learning about the First World War. This week, they focused on the music written during this period and analysed three key pieces: ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’, ‘Keep the Home Fires Burning’ and ‘I Vow to Thee My Country’.  They then used glockenspiels to play the opening lines of these songs. The music helped the pupils to understand the changing emotions felt by people throughout the war…and gave them an opportunity to make lots of noise in class!

Coding Challenge

Computer Science skills are essential in our modern world. Therefore, Year 6 took on the ‘Hour of Code’ challenge this week.  They had to follow instructions to build codes and then used their programming skills to create their own Star Wars game. After this, they challenged themselves with a more difficult coding programme from ‘VEX’.  You can see the concentration on their faces in the photos below!

Party Time!

Christmas is certainly going to be a little different this year, but St. Cuthbert’s still know how to celebrate!  Year 6 started off their party day with dancing and games in the hall, including favourites such as musical chairs and musical statues.  This was followed by a talent show, filled with jokes, riddles, songs and gymnastics.  What a talented bunch!  In the afternoon, Year 6 took a trip to the pantomime (in the classroom) where they were wowed by the magical powers of the ‘Cheatini’.  Check out the photos below to see the fun we had.

The true meaning of Christmas

In RE lessons, Year 6 have been thinking about the true meaning of Christmas.  They wrote their own radio broadcasts to explain what is meant by the incarnation and why it is special to Christians at this time of the year.  Some pupils were brave enough to broadcast their work to the rest of the class.  Check out their work in the photos below.

Christmas Carols and Readings


Festive Fun Run








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