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Eco Warriors 2019-20

Our Eco Warriors are:- Victoria and Kaitlin Year 6, Lily and Oscar Year 5, Lili and Oliver Year 4, Izzy and James Year 3, Aimee and Daniel Year 2

Spring Term

Eco Tip of the Month:  March

Fill a large plastic water bottle (or two small bottles) with stones and place into your toilet cistern.  It will prevent excess water entering the cistern and can save up to 1 litre per flush.  The average person flushes the toilet five times each day, so think of how much water we could save!

Time for a test drive!

On Wednesday (26th February), St. Cuthbert’s had a visit from Mr Leathley (one of our parents), who works at the local Peugeot garage.  He kindly brought along one of their electric cars, the Peugeot 208, and explained to the children how driving an electric car is much more eco-friendly than a usual petrol or diesel car.  The children were shown the different parts of the car and some lucky pupils even had the chance to sit inside.  This visit helped to raise awareness of the need to re-think our modes of transport so we can do our own little bit to help the environment.  Thank you Mr Leathley.  We really appreciate your time.

Woodland Trust

Eco Tip of the Month:  January Use re-usable containers in your packed lunch rather than cling film. Eco-Warriors at work The Eco-Warriors had a very busy lunchtime on Thursday (30/1).  They worked with Alice from the OASES project to identify how eco-friendly our classrooms are.  They used thermometers to measure the temperature of each classroom and used lux meters to measure the light intensity.  They also checked to see which classes had remembered to turn off their lights and interactive whiteboards . . . we’ll not tell you who had forgotten!  They will spend time next week thinking about the results and deciding what action they can take to make our school a more eco-friendly place. Eco-Project Eco-Warriors were very busy on Thursday lunchtime (23/1) working with Alice from the OASES project.  They found out how electricity is made using fossil fuels and how using too much of it can harm our planet.  They also looked at renewable alternatives, such as wind and solar power.  Over the next three weeks, they will be looking at our school and thinking of ways to make it more Eco Friendly.  Watch this space for more information!


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