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Frequently asked questions

When a child first begins school the amount of information presented to parents can seem daunting, especially if their child has SEND. We have published a number of FAQs posed by parents relating to our school and SEND provision.   How accessible is your school? Our school building is fully accessible. The school building has an accessible entrance, one disabled toilet and a lift for wheelchair access to the school hall.   What support do we have for you as a parent of a child with SEND?
  • The class teacher is regularly available to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns you may have. This time can also be spent sharing information about what is working well at home and school so similar strategies can be used.
  • The SENCO is available to meet with you to discuss your child’s progress or any concerns/worries you may have.
  • All information from outside professionals will be shared with you with the person involved directly, or where this is not possible, in a report.
  • Homework will be adjusted as needed to your child’s individual needs.
  • A home/school contact book may be used to support communication with you, when this has been agreed to be useful for you and your child.
How are parents involved in school? We work in partnership with parents to support each child’s well-being, learning needs, progress and aspirations. Parents are invited to become involved in school-life in a number of ways:
  • As parents or carers of a pupil in the school, you are automatically a member of PALs! We are always looking for people who can help us organise events, attend events or just to bring some new fresh ideas to the group. If you are interested in either coming along to our friendly group or can spare some time to help support your child’s school, please contact the school office.
  • Parents’ evenings and, where appropriate, termly reviews of SEND Pupil Profiles.
  • Invitations to class presentations, church services, out of school sporting and musical events, coffee mornings, school trips to name but a few.
  • Our Governing Body includes Parent Governors.
How will my child be included in activities outside of the classroom including school trips? We ensure that all children are offered the opportunity to participate with activities outside of the classroom by making reasonable adjustments to the organisation of these. For example, we ensure SEND children have an appropriate level of adult support if going out of school, we organise transport that provides appropriate access and staff complete a comprehensive risk assessment of any excursion to ensure all children are safe and included. Is it possible for my child to have additional visits before starting school? Yes. If you feel that your child would benefit from additional visits, we are more than happy for you to contact us to try to arrange suitable times. If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment.


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