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How do we consult with our SEN pupils

Consultation with Children and Young People with SEND Teachers/SENCO and Support Staff will work with children and young people to identify the support needed to meet agreed outcomes.  The provision is planned and interventions are allocated to individual needs. The children take an active role with setting their targets, discussing them with the class teacher/SENCO.   The children have regular meetings with support staff to discuss their progress and support. Ensuring that all children attending St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School receive provision that maximises their enjoyment and achievement is central to all we offer. Consultation with children and families is key to securing success in this area. As some of the SEND children attending our school are still very young, consulting with them to seek their views about how we are meeting their needs has to be age appropriate, especially when many often have communication difficulties. It also means that very have to ensure that we work closely with families. Pupils have the opportunity to voice their views and ideas through the School Council. Regular meetings and School Assemblies provide pupils with a platform to voice their views. Safeguarding Issues in school are discussed with pupils within these meetings. Consultation with parents and carers of children and young people with SEND We are committed to working with parents and carers to identify their child’s needs and support.  Parents and carers will be involved throughout the process. There is a range of ways this can be done, for example:
  • Termly parents/ carers evenings;
  • Ongoing discussions with a class teacher and/or SENCO;
  • An ‘open-door’ policy, where parents and carers are welcome to come into school to discuss any concerns they may have;
  • Through a review of a child’s SEN Support Plan or the Annual Review of their Statement of SEN or EHC Plan.
We consult through:
  • Regular meetings and discussions with parents about what we have planned for their child and how to link this with interests and passions demonstrated at home
  • Involving SEND children with planning their own activities and encouraging them to share what they would like to learn and participate with
  • Extending any resources that they show a preference for
  • Ensuring the children with SEND are happy, motivated and make at least expected levels of progress throughout their time in school.
  • We believe that the help of parents is particularly important in supporting the progress made by each child and we will consult with them when decisions need to be made.
Teachers are always willing to discuss a child’s progress, attainment or interventions taking place in school with parents. Termly meetings to review Pupil Profiles together with Parents’ Evenings in the autumn and spring term and an end of year written report are arranged to help keep parents informed about their child’s progress in our school. St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School seeks the views of parents through Parent / Carer Questionnaires, School comment books and through regular one to one discussions if required. Further involvement in the life of St Cuthbert’s Catholic Primary School can be accessed through Parents and Little Ones (PALs for short).  PALs is a Registered Charity (1109584) run by the parents, grandparents and carers of the pupils and greatly supported by the teaching and support staff of the school. If you would like to discuss your SEND requirements in detail please contact the school to arrange an appointment.


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